Artist : Rausch

Album : Book II

Release Date : 02-02-2018

Added : 12-03-2018

After a first album almost 10 years ago, the Americans of 'Rausch' return to the front of the progressive stage with 'Book II'. Conducted by 'Doug Rausch' who has a classical training of pianist and who has invited for the occasion 3 artists from groups known from the progressive scene, 'Mark Zonder' from 'Fates Warning', 'Ryo Okumoto' from 'Spock's Beard' and 'Brendt Allman' from 'Shadow Gallery', they embark us for an hour of varied compositions where influences go from symphonic to metal through pop, rock and jazz with a talent for beautiful melodies accessible from the first listen as for example 'Greener Grass' which makes me think of a mix between 'Electric Light Orchestra' and 'Queen'. With 'Drain' of more than 10 minutes, the beginning is a crescendo that starts in a nostalgic way with the piano then the acoustic guitar takes over to give way to the electric instruments that slowly unfold a beautiful melody with a guitar solo filled by a good feeling, the final part replaying a second crescendo in an intense symphonic atmosphere to end calmly with the sweet voice of 'Doug' accompanied by some acoustic guitar chords. The sequel brings a progressive side more marked for 'Irked' and its jazzy central part sandwiched between 2 other pop parts and with 'The End', we embark in a psychedelic atmosphere of the 70s, then 'Speechless' is the metal title of the album while 'Slow Suite: II Isolation' which follows is a magnificent ballad piano/voice which closed very softly the album. In summary, with 'Book II', the Americans of 'Rausch' released a melodic album that mixes different styles and which is therefore rcommended to a public loving the diversity of genres...

Line Up / Musicians

Doug Rausch (Vocal, Piano), Gary Wehrkamp (Guitar), Joe Fine (Bass), Chris Ruffini (Drums) + invités : Mark Zonder (Drums), Ryo Okumoto (Keybords), Brendt Allman (Guitar)