Artist : The Oho

Album : Shakespeares and Waterfalls

Release Date : 14-04-2017

Added : 21-09-2017

'The Oho' is a new band of Finns who have just released their first album 'Shakespeares and Waterfalls'. Their style is between pop and rock with very melodic compositions with influences from artists of the 70s and 80s. The first track 'The World Stopped Turning' embark us in a soft rhythm with a Celtic background. With 'All my Life', it's energetic rock and always accessible from the first listening. Follows the hit of the album 'Lazy Afternoon' with its mid-tempo in a pop style and with 'Wizards Tale' and 'Simply' Cause I Love You ', those are 2 ballads, certainly classical but great. In short, 'The Oho' release a good first album relatively varied with titles formatted for radio and destined to a very wide audience : to consume without moderation...

Line Up / Musicians

Lappe Holopainen (Vocal, Guitar), Reeo Tiiainen (Guitar, Choirs), Pete Sirkiä (Bass), Rale Tiiainen (Drums), Juho Pääkkönen (Keybords)