Artist : Kim Seviour

Album : Recovery Is Learning

Release Date : 28-07-2017

Added : 04-11-2017

'Kim Seviour' is not unknown to the progressive scene since she was the singer of the group 'Touchstone' from 2009 to 2015. 2017 sees the release of her first studio album 'Recovery Is Learning' and for the occasion she called an experienced atists of progressive rock, in the person of 'John Mitchell' who is the guitarist, among others, of ‘Arena' (see Here) and ‘Lonely Robot’ (see Here). She embarks us in melodic and peaceful compositions with her soft voice that reminds me of 'Hayley Griffiths' who is the female singer of 'Karnataka' (it is obvious in the beautiful ballad 'Fabergé'). Although the title’s majority are based on slow tempos, she’s able also to accelerates the rhythm, for example, with 'The Dive'. With 'Where She Sleeps' she shows all her talent for an intimate song where the piano is the only instrument that accompanies her. In short, with 'Recovery Is Learning', 'Kim Seviour' offers us an album full of beautiful surprises that should please all progressive rock lovers who like bands like 'Karnataka' or 'Mostly Autumn'...

Line Up / Musicians

Kim Seviour (Vocal), John Mitchell (Guitar, Bass, Piano, Keybords), Graham Brown (Drums), Liam Holmes (Keybords)