Artist : Whitewater

Album : Universal Medium

Release Date : 22-09-2017

Added : 26-11-2017

'Whitewater' is a band of 2 English that I did not know and that has just appeared under Spotify with their latest album 'Universal Medium' which is the 4th studio recording. Their style is based on ubiquitous keyboards in an atmospheric atmosphere and could be placed between 'Pink-Floyd' and 'Anathema'. 'Light of Day' sets the tone with an aerial sound based on the alternation of 2 notes which make it a fairly linear title. 'The Soldier and the Poet' continues in the same style and 'Second Fade Away' is composed of 2 tracks, introduces an acoustic guitar for part 1 and an electric guitar for the 2nd part. With 'Filtered Haze', we are closed to an experimental instrumental composition of more than 9 minutes and the highlight of the album is the last track 'Moon Pull' of 13 minutes which summarizes well with this casual atmosphere from beginning to end. To sum up, this 'Universal Medium' is particularly intended for audiences who appreciate atmospheric music developing long titles with slow atmospheres but can, why not, be used as relaxation music after a good day of work by an audience wider...

Line Up / Musicians

Stuart Stephens (Vocal, Guitar, Keybords), Paul Powell (Drums) + Guests : Mike Kershaw (Vocal), Clare Stephens (Choirs)