Artist : Rian

Album : Out of the Darkness

Release Date : 28-07-2017

Added : 20-11-2017

Decidedly, the Nordic countries do not stop to make us discover new bands because it is now the Swedes of 'Rian' who have just released their first album 'Out of the Darkness'. Like 'The Nights' (see Here) or 'One Desire' (see Here), they offer us 50 minutes of good melodic hard with catchy titles that you immediately enter the head. To do this, they called on Daniel Flores, who is well known in the profession as a drummer (last band 'The Murder of My Sweet'), sound engineer and producer. Everything is done to have a good time listening to titles like 'Out of the Darkness', 'In a Dream' or 'Time of your Life' that reminds the hard-rock of the 80s between 'Toto' and 'Def Leppard'. In short, even if they do not bring real news, the Swedes of 'Rian' release a first album that should delight all fans of melodic hard and this 'Out of the Darkness' is to eat-in and without moderation...

Line Up / Musicians

Richard Andermyr (Vocal, Guitars), Jan Johansson (Drums), Jonas Melin (Bass)