Artist : Mark Eitzel

Album : Hey Mr Ferryman

Release Date : 27-01-2017

Added : 04-09-2017

'Mark Eitzel' is an author composer and the lead of the ‘American Music Club’ and has also released an important number of solo albums but is not known in Europe. His world is close to pop with intimate songs and his last album 'Hey Mr Ferryman' was released in early 2017. Entry, with 'The Last Ten Years', is a classic melodic title recounting his bad inclinations for the alcohol. The sequel is more hushed with more melancholy songs like 'An Answer' or 'The Road' and this sensitivity always palpable. In summary, 'Hey Mr Ferryman' is a touching album that describes just the uncompromising reality of this whole and talented artist who leads his boat as he sees fit without worrying about the fashions and trends dictated by the music industry, and this to our best delight...

Line Up / Musicians

Mark Eitzel