Artist : Arena

Album : The Unquiet Sky

Release Date : 27-04-2015

Added : 27-04-2015

After 20 years of existence, Arena, progressive rock band, released their 8th album, 'Unquiet Sky', based on a horror story written by M.R. James transposed to cinema in the 1950s under the name 'the night of the demon'. Arena, with this album, revives a progressive rock energetic and accessible alternating instrumental parts worked and the Sung parts that are biased to Paul Manzi (beautiful voice demonstration on the latest title 'Traveller Beware'). For my part, Arena sign here one of his most successful albums and returns to his first albums music. For all those who love or want to discover the melodic progressive rock.
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Line Up / Musicians

Clive Nolan (Vocal / Keybords), John Mitchell (Vocal / Guitars), Kylan Amos (Bass), Mick Pointer (Drums), Paul Manzi (Vocal)